Monday, January 21, 2019

Kingdom of Wind and Me

Kingdom of Wind and Me Part 1

"Knock knock" I heard a knock at my door. I dashed into it, and opened door. "Hello?" I asked. However, I saw no animal or person but grass fluttering in the wind. "No one's here? May be a little boy living at neighbor." then I tried to close the door. "Wait. Please wait." someone said. ”Who is it?"I asked. "I am a messenger from Kingdom of Wind.” "Oh, I see. That's why I can't see you." I answered. "Yes, and could you put on this glasses on please?" As the messenger said, I putted on the glasses.  Then, my sights became like being in a swirl. I got sickness like I had bumpy ride at car. Then I woke up at a small room. "What is happening?” And I was wearing a white dress like the wedding one! Then the door opened. "Hello. Mary, she is the one right?" Someone who wore very gorgeous dress came to the room and asked the messenger who were with me.

風王国と私 パート1

Monday, December 24, 2018

Bear, turtoise and Monkey

It's when I went to big nature park to go to camping.
 I was walking on a trail, and noticed that the path (which was paved) was turning to animal trail! "Huh?" I thought and looked at paths that I been walking and looks like they are not the wrong way. "Well, I'm on the correct path" I moved on.
Then, I slipped and went down, down, down in the deep hole.  "What just happen?" I felt terrifying thinking that, so I stopped thinking about it. Then, fall asleep.
 I woke up by hearing a footstep. "Who is it?" I said, half asleep. "Oh Oh Ah Ah" "Grrrr" I heard some noises : probably animals. I rubbed my eyes, and I saw tortoise, monkey, and a bear! I was so surprised and screamed "Eek!". Then, the bear talked to me "Are you all right?". I bewildered but answered to the bear "Um, yeah, so... T, thank you. But, but I, I'm hungry." Then the monkey whispered to tortoise "Can you get the food?" But I heard it, so I rushed and said "Oh, no! It's okay." But the bear replied me: "He will come back soon. He was in the first place at the last sports festival."
About ten minutes later, we heard wheeze. "I, I, wheeze, came back! I brought wheeze, the food." "Thanks so much, Mr. Tortoise!" I thanked tortoise. "I brought the carpet too." tortoise said to bear. "What is it for?" before I asked that, bear brought big two sticks and started to banging. Then, I heard loud footsteps. "It's friends of the woods. Oh, and please sit here." the bear said, pointing the carpet. I sat on carpet, and I waited. I was so tired, so I asleep.
When I woke up, I was at my house, laying down at sofa. "Wait it was a dream?" I muttered, and I found dirt and fallen leaves on my clothes. "It wasn't dream. It was true!"
*This is fiction.



Saturday, November 3, 2018

Mia and Anna the Cat

It was when I went to Mia's house...
"She's there! I found it!" I screamed.
There was a female kitten. Her name was Anna. She was very innocence and ease-going kitten. But, she was kind of like magic, like very strange atmosphere cat. 
Why I went to Mia's house, is that Mia called me and said "I have to talk to you." What are she going to talk about?, I was thinking about that and I saw this cat welcomed with "Meaw." 
"Meaw!" Anna shouted. Then, she went to another room. After about 3 minutes, Mia came out of the room that Anna went in. "Sorry I'm late. Well, come on in!" 
I went in to her house. I was friends with Mia from long time ago, but I never went to her house yet. Her house was big, not an apartment. Also I thought: there's lot of things that shapes like a fish! We went in farther, farther and farther. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. "There's a lot of rooms!" Each time I count the room. 
"Living room is here." Said Mia. "Well, wait on sofa. I will tell her to bring the tea." "Wait. Who's 'Her' ?" I asked. She smiled at me and said, "That will be surprise!" 
After ten minutes later, I woke up "Meaw" and shaking dishes and cups. Surprisingly it was Anna who was holding the tray (like a human) and standing on its feet (also like a human)! And she said "Meaw, Please have it" in human words. When I was amazed by her, she tip toed and escaped from the room. "Am I dreaming or something?" I thought and pinched my foot. It was painful. "Well let's drink the tea." I drank the tea to calm me down. It was roasted green tea. "Oh! This is so bitter! I could drink coffee or rooibos tea though..." I took one more sip. "Wait, this is not roasted green tea! Cough, cough! A mixture of rooibos tea and coffee?!" I gave up tasting the tea, so I started to read a book.
Then, Mia came. "Sorry, I was late. I was baking a cake for my jumble sale tomorrow." "What was the thing you wanted to tell me?" I asked. "Well, it's a secret that I never told, but, Anna and me are same." She whispered. "What do you mean!?" I shouted. "Shhhhhh. Be quiet. So, like those... I think it's better to show you." Mia said it to me and shouted like this. "CatCattyCattycat, abracatabra pon!" Then, Mia covered by bright light, after 5 seconds, turned into a cat, Anna! "Well that's the secret of me." she said. "When did it started?" I asked. "Long time ago, I got bite by a cat, and I fainted. Then one day, I was practicing for my magic trick, I said 'Cat Catty Catty cat' and I called Anna, well, she didn't come, so I said 'Abracatabra pon!' Then I turned into a cat with out any tricks. I was me, not Anna." I was so surprised about Mia's story.
But when I saw the clock I said "Mia, I think I have to go now. Thanks today. It was fun to hear amazing story!" I said to Mia, also Anna. "I will send you to the door." She answered. At the door I said to her "Bye, Mia!" And Mia waved to me. Then I went back home.

Saturday, October 27, 2018


Hello! I am Ricky! My hobby is to make and read stories and I like to draw. This is second time making a blog, and nice to meet you! I hope you enjoy this blog, and this is not a real story, just a story that I made.